Director of Education Programs

Why Adrienne does this work…

I do this work because I believe everyone deserves education. The Sankofa Bird, a Ghanaian symbol, reminds me to “go back and get it.” History demonstrates how the liberative power of education has been systemically controlled and withheld. I must be in opposition. This work that “disrupts systems of harm” and “creates opportunities for autonomy” requires my action, because I am aware of such history; I know better. There is no time for inaction. So, I personally do this work. I do this work based on lived experience of growing up in a rural, Southern school system and then becoming a secondary English teacher in an alternative setting. I have witnessed first-hand the systemic, oppressive isms that contribute to marginalization and ultimately the school-to-prison pipeline. Now, I do this work because I believe as a fundamental, social justice imperative–we must do better.


Adrienne Taylor joined THEI in 2022 as an Academic Coordinator. She brings with her teaching experience from an alternative, secondary public school setting where she applied Culturally Responsive Teaching practices. Prior to teaching, Adrienne attended Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of Education and Human Development where she earned an M.Ed in Learning, Diversity, and Urban Studies. While at Spelman College she received a BA in English and Comparative Women’s Studies. Her lived and professional experiences contribute to her focus on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in education. Adrienne now serves as Director of Education Programs and ultimately recognizes the liberating power of education in action throughout her life and strives to share it with others.