Alumni Support Services

THEI helps students develop their release plans prior to returning home, and then execute and adapt the plans in the weeks and months following release.

THEI is committed to supporting students through their transitions as they leave prison, and the continuity of care that THEI is able to provide through pre- and post-release case management is an important part of our model. THEI’s TP team helps students continue their education on traditional college campuses as seamlessly as possible, and provides all transitioning students with a laptop computer for college, in addition to extensive hands-on support with navigating processes like transferring credits, applying for financial aid, and finding housing and employment.

THEI is constantly adapting to the needs of our students in prison and our alumni who have returned home, and we are excited to share some new or up-and-coming SSRS projects we’ve been working on this year:

COVID-19 Response
In response to the unfolding pandemic, THEI made the decision to immediately shift $20,000 of our current funding to create an Emergency Relief Fund for our formerly incarcerated alumni who are experiencing unemployment and other unanticipated financial burdens. THEI moved rapidly to put this new program in motion in 2020, dispersing the funds to 20 alumni who are navigating college, unemployment, transportation challenges, and other evolving uncertainties. In addition to this financial assistance, THEI has also supported alumni with applying for CARES ACT Economic Impact Payments, and unemployment benefits. For more information, please visit our Resources page.

Moving Forward Guide
In the summer of 2020 THEI, in partnership with Memphis Interfaith Coalition for Action and Hope (MICAH) and Education Justice Project (EJP), has launched an exciting project to create the most extensive re-entry resource guide that the state of Tennessee has ever had. The Tennessee Moving Forward guide will outline — through written narrative and a detailed user-friendly directory — resources for all essential needs for people transitioning beyond incarceration across all regions in Tennessee, including resources for housing, health and mental-health services, food security, employment and career development, higher education, legal and advocacy support, and information about re-entry during COVID-19. The guide will live online, but also as a booklet that will be distributed in prisons across the state, both directly to individuals and also through programs and agencies. For more information, please visit