Transitional Programs

The Transitional Programs portfolio disrupts systems of harm and creates opportunities for autonomy and success through providing non-academic support services for students, both pre-and post-release.

While the Transitional Programs portfolio is different in many ways from the Educational Programs Portfolio, these two portfolios overlap in the understanding that THEI is much more than a degree-seeking opportunity; it is an intervention, a lifeline, a community, and a support system.

Our Initiatives

Ogburn House is a trauma-informed reentry residential program nestled within the historic Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville, TN. Our mission is to prioritize the well-being, growth, and successful reintegration of individuals affected by incarceration.

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The Tennessee Moving Forward guide outlines – through written narrative and a detailed user-friendly directory – resources for all essential needs for people transitioning beyond incarceration across all regions in Tennessee, including resources for housing, health and mental-health services, food security, employment and career development, higher education, legal and advocacy support, and information about reentry during COVID-19.

THEI seeks to equip our local faith communities to build supportive pre-release post-release relationships with just one person returning to their community from incarceration.

Valuable Resources

Moving Forward Resource Directory

THEI Maintains a searchable list of National, State, and local resources, which you can access online at

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