Re-entry Services

THEI’s Transitional Programs (TP) team meets with incarcerated students for at least a year prior to each student’s release to plan for re-entry, and then continues to support students during and after their transition out of prison and back to their communities.

THEI’s TP pre-release services include one-on-one meetings onsite at prison facilities, as well as group workshops and discussions. Support includes: housing searches and halfway house applications, conversations and coaching about family and stability, financial literacy development, support with student loan rehabilitation or deferment, support applying to and paying for college, training on financial aid, job readiness skills including resume building, interviewing and job searching, parole preparation, entrepreneurship skill-building, and long-term career goal setting and planning.  

THEI’s student success support is not reserved for only those students nearing release, as so many of the services provided can also benefit students well in advance of an anticipated release date, and even those individuals who may not leave prison. In addition to offering tangible help to those leaving incarceration, THEI’s pre-release TP programs can help students develop a stronger sense of purpose and value, establish long term goals with actionable plans, and build skills to become a better community member.