Ricky L.


Alumni / Office Coordinator

Why Ricky does this work:

Ricky does this work because of his passion for service and leadership. His journey began at Nashville State Community College, where he studied business administration. With experience in various fields, including service canine training and media engineering, Ricky has developed a versatile skill set and strong work ethic. His leadership, conflict resolution, and communication skills have been evident throughout his career. Ricky's passion for community service is exemplified through his involvement in organizations like The Theotherapy Project and Malachi Dads, where he has supported rehabilitation and education initiatives. With a focus on empowering students and fostering alumni connections, Ricky's impact is set to grow. His dedication, resilience, and commitment to community betterment stand as a testament to the transformative power of service and leadership.


Recently appointed as the Alumni Coordinator/Office Coordinator at THEI, Ricky looks forward to leveraging his skills and experiences in this new role. His  responsibilities in this position undoubtedly contribute to the organization's mission of empowering students and fostering alumni connections. Ricky is a dedicated professional with a passion for service and leadership. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at Belmont University, he holds an Associate of Science in Business Administration from Nashville State Community College. With a diverse background in service canine training, wood plant operations, and media engineering, Ricky has honed his skills in leadership, conflict resolution, and communication.