Academic Coordinator, Middle Tennessee

Why Hannah does this work…

Throughout my time at Davidson College I had the incredible opportunity to hear Raymond Santana, member of the Exonerated 5 and the Innocence Project, and Bryan Stevenson, creator and Executive Director of The Equal Justice Initiative, share their stories and perspectives of our criminal justice system. Hearing them speak validated my interest and frustration in the U.S. prison system and motivated me to consider what role I have in fighting for justice. Since then, prison reform and restorative justice became causes that touched on my core values, and I knew I wanted to find my place in the movement. I’m excited to join THEI and look forward to all I will learn from my co-workers and our students.


Hannah Malkofsky-Berger joined THEI in 2022 as an Academic Coordinator. She is a graduate of Davidson College where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Prior to working at THEI, Hannah worked as a Remote Learning Coordinator, Teaching Assistant, and athletics coach at the middle and high school level. She is passionate about supporting people who are incarcerated and believes access to higher education is an important piece in disrupting systems of harm.