Ferguson Mimms, EdD

Executive Director

Why Laura does this work...

I do this work because I believe when you become free, you have an obligation to free others. As a first-generation college graduate, I understand the transformative and liberative power education holds not only for individual embarking upon the knowledge journey, but also for those to whom the individual is connected. I do this work because it matters and it actively disrupts systems of harm.


Committed to finding and remaining focused on her “True North” Laura Ferguson Mimms has consistently led organizations that align with her personal mission and philosophy patterned after one of her “sheroes” Harriet Tubman, when you become free you have an obligation to free others.  As a first-generation college graduate, Laura understands the transformative and liberative power education holds, not only for the individual who embarks upon the knowledge journey, but also for all people attached to that individual.  In sum, the effect of educational attainment is exponentially positive for generations to come…this is the work Laura lives in and lives for.

Laura has served as the Executive Director of THEI since 2021. Prior to joining THEI, Laura led Strategy & Impact at The Family Center focused on breaking cycles of multi-generation abuse and trauma, served in leadership roles at The University of Texas at Austin, The National Center on Time and Learning, Metro Nashville Public Schools, and charter school organizations.

Laura is a proud HBCU graduate, having completed her BA in English and African American Literature from Fisk University. She completed an American Montessori Society certification and MS in Education coursework, MA in English, and EdD in Educational Administration from Baylor University. She is peacock proud to be the wife of Bernard Henry Mimms, mother of Brent, Alexander & Katherine, and bonus mom to Ashley and Brittany.