We do what we do because it matters, it works, and it makes difference in the lives of those with whom we are honored to work.  While our student stories provide color and context to our work, the numbers speak to the impact of the work. To date, not one student who has completed a degree through THEI has recidivated.Furthermore, since our re-entry work launched in 2017, no student who was engaged in our re-entry supports has recidivated. When these data are compared to state data which indicate 46% of previously incarcerated individuals return to incarceration within three years, you can begin to fully understand the impact of the programming facilitated by THEI.

These results are a testament to the resilience of our students and the quality supports provided by THEI.Next week we will launch a campaign to garner the financial support needed to expand these services across the state.  I hope you will join us in providing hope, dignity, and college degrees for currently and formerly incarcerated individuals across Tennessee.

Wear this day well,

Dr. Laura

THEI Executive Director