THEI Shares Higher Education in Prison Action Agenda for Tennessee in its TPCC Year One Report

As the nation prepares for full reinstatement of Federal Pell Grants for incarcerated individuals, we are compelled to deeply consider the current Higher Education In Prison (HEP) landscape, lessons learned since 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, and how we move forward in a manner that learns from field practitioners and centers the voices of individuals who have engaged in or are engaging in HEP programming.  To that end, we once again share the report of the Tennessee Prison College Coalition (TPCC).  Launched in 2019, TPCC is a collaborative of state agencies, college and universities, service providers, and directly impacted individuals working collectively to support students pursuing higher education in and after prison, with an emphasis on ensuring program quality and equity. Click here to see the full report.