Fresh Start Trainings: Creating a Safe Space for Formerly Incarcerated Students

The Fresh Start Trainings are a collaboration between THEI, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC), and the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR).

This training aims to provide an overview of the Correctional Education Initiative (CEI), the higher-education in prison (HEP) landscape in TN, discuss ways to best support vulnerable populations such as those who have prior justice-involvement, and seek to assist in building out a network of supports for community colleges, technical colleges, and students. Participants will receive a toolkit and decal for their participation that we hope assists college campuses and students in seeking to create a Fresh Start for students pursuing career and educational goals despite past barriers.

The Fresh Start toolkit and accompanying decal are currently in development, and will be shared with participants and housed on this page once they are available.

You can find the Fresh Start training for community and technical college partners offered on January 29, 2021 presentation slides available here.