CVS Health Partners with THEI to Provide Moving Forward Scholarships

CVS Health has teamed up with the Tennessee Higher Education Initiative (THEI) to establish the Moving Forward Scholarship, a program designed to support individuals who are justice-involved in pursuing their post-secondary educational goals. The initiative, funded by CVS Health with a generous contribution of $16,500, aims to empower students to complete their college degree and positively impact their communities.

The Moving Forward Scholarship, part of CVS Health's Second Chance Program, is a testament to the company's commitment to workforce development, health education, and educational partnerships. By providing financial support for tuition, fees, textbooks, and other educational expenses, the scholarship enables recipients to focus on their studies and build a brighter future for themselves.

Gratitude and Impact

Dr. Laura Ferguson Mimms, Executive Director of THEI, expressed gratitude for CVS Health's support, emphasizing the importance of providing a support system for justice-involved individuals post-incarceration.

"This circle of support cannot be achieved without partnerships. We are grateful to CVS for their commitment to returning citizens and to supporting post-secondary education." - Dr. Laura Ferguson Mimms

Shon Holman-Wheatley, THEI Director of Transitional Program, highlighted the significance of post-secondary education in providing economic security for justice-impacted individuals.

"Although justice-impacted individuals will still face barriers to employment after receiving a degree, completing a degree has been shown to increase the chances of a person obtaining employment and higher pay. With the support of CVS Healthcare, our alumni are on the road to finding autonomy and success.” - Shon Holman-Wheatley

The Power of Education

One such beneficiary of the Moving Forward Scholarship was Jared Campbell, a THEI Board Member and recently graduated alumni. Before graduation, Jared shared his journey of pursuing education while incarcerated and his aspirations for the future.

"Finishing my education is of paramount importance. I am grateful to CVS and THEI for awarding me this scholarship. I know that CVS is looking to hire Software Engineers for backend development. I look forward to applying to this position when I finish my education next semester." - Jared Campbell

In addition to the Moving Forward Scholarship, THEI has previously collaborated with MICAH Memphis and the Education Justice Project to develop the Tennessee Moving Forward Guide, which provides a comprehensive directory of resources for individuals transitioning beyond incarceration. The guide includes information on housing, health and mental-health services, food security, employment and career development, higher education, legal and advocacy support, and reentry information.

The partnership between CVS Health and THEI underscores the importance of collaboration in creating opportunities for justice-involved individuals to achieve autonomy and success. Through initiatives like the Moving Forward Scholarship and the Tennessee Moving Forward Guide, both organizations are working towards a more equitable and inclusive society.

Learn more about the Tennessee Moving Forward Guide and how you can support justice-involved individuals in their journey towards education and empowerment.