Alumni Update: Catch up with Josh Stoltz

This February, we shine a spotlight on an THEI alumnus and staff member, Josh Stoltz, as he marks the three-year milestone since his release. Josh's journey with THEI commenced in 2016 at Turney Center, having already completed a paralegal diploma and acquiring a fervent desire for meaningful reentry guidance. As a mentor within the system, Josh sensed a gap in the conventional "don't be like me" narrative, prompting him to seek answers to the question, "what should I be like then?"

His educational journey unfolded with the completion of an associate's degree in political science.

Navigating the complexities of reentry, Josh secured housing and earned admission to MTSU's aerospace engineering honors college. Despite a brief stint managing an IT company after moving to Oklahoma to be closer to his partner and her family, Josh returned to his roots at THEI, assuming the role of Operations Manager.

Fueling his passion for aviation, Josh embarked on a quest to obtain his private pilot license, culminating in the triumph of his first solo flight. Reflecting on THEI's growth, from its nascent stages to the realization of housing initiatives, Josh marvels at the transformative impact of education and support. In Josh's own words, returning to THEI was not anticipated, but it has become his enduring career path. As he continues to pursue his passions, including aviation and further education, his narrative embodies the essence of rewriting life stories and embracing newfound opportunities with tenacity and purpose.