THEI is committed to the innovative use of technology, to the extent allowed in the individual facilities and classrooms. We believe that educational technology works to enhance both learning and instruction, by supporting the development of technological facility among students and by educating more students at less cost to the taxpayer. THEI realizes that technological know-how will better equip incarcerated students to succeed in their jobs and in the current economy upon release, as well as prepare them for reentry into a “digital” community and workforce. As such, they will be more employable, and less likely to return to prison. 

Our program at Turney Center Industrial Complex provides students with the use of computers for word-processing, limited research, and virtual instruction. In the summer of 2016, THEI became the first prison college program to offer online learning in the form of a Biology class. Since the online courses were first piloted, THEI has offered more than 13 online courses, allowing out students to have access to a more diverse array of course content, and giving them experience with a diversity of instructional methods. Students in these classes are able to complete learning modules, virtual labs and assessments on the computer, and can also communicate with their professors through the Nashville State D2L system.  

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