Director of Transitional Programs

Why Shon does this work...

I do this work because it takes just one person to be invested in you as a person and that motivation can help you grow by leaps and bounds. I do this work because I am invested in changing the narrative about Reentry. Reentry is more than checklist; recidivism is more than if someone went back to prison.

I look at each of our students and all I see are constellations. I believe if we take the time to help them connect the dots, we can help them plot the true shape of their genius —and they will truly shine in their darkest hour.

Access to higher education was the springboard I needed to become the person whom I wanted to be, I had support and opportunities to transform into a confident, civically engaged, highly educated African American male, and through this work I want to help empower others to become who they want to be.