Our Philosophy

THEI believes it is our fundamental duty to educate all Americans to be successful and productive citizens in order to strengthen our communities, protect out citizens and adhere to the democratic values this country was founded upon.


  1. We believe education has the power to transform lives, institutions and communities.

  2. We believe it is our duty to educate all Americans to be successful and productive citizens.

  3. We believe education is a fundamental right of all human beings no matter who they are and where they live.

  4. We believe education helps individuals reach their full potentials and give meaning to their lives.

  5. We believe people can make positive change if given the necessary tools.

  6. We believe a liberal arts education, in particular, engenders the critical thinking skills necessary for deep personal change.

  7. We believe it is possible for men and women to leave prison and lead constructive lives.

  8. We believe access to education while incarcerated prepares people to be productive members of society, and therefore greatly reduces the likelihood that he or she will return to prison once released.

  9. We believe education in correctional facilities lessens prison violence and increases the professionalism of the correctional staff.

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