THEI is proud to partner with local colleges and universities to offer degree-bearing higher education inside Tennessee prisons. Our current partnerships include Nashville State Community College in Middle Tennessee and Dyersburg State Community College in West Tennessee. 


Courses are drawn from the standard, prescribed curriculum for the Tennessee Board of Regents colleges leading to the 41-hour General Education Certificate and ultimately to the 61-hour A.S. Degree in Business Administration or Political Science, following the Tennessee Transfer Pathway. Students are full-time and part-time taking anywhere from 5 -12 courses a year.

General Education Program Certificate

for A.S. Degree Students

       Communication hours
       Humanities and/or Fine Arts
       (At least one course must be in literature)

       Social/Behavioral Sciences 
       Natural Sciences

9 Credits

9 Credits

6 Credits

6 Credits

8 Credits

3 Credits

41 Credits

Program: Tennessee Transfer Pathway, Political Science, A.S. Degree
     Area of Emphasis Requirements            

     POLS 1030 - American Government*      3 Credits

     Political Science Elective                         3 Credits
     General Electives                                    13 Credits
     NSCC 1010 - First Year Experience        1 Credit
Area of Emphasis Total - 20 Credits

Total - 61 Hours

Program: Tennessee Transfer Pathway,

Business Administration, A.S. Degree

Area of Emphasis Requirements
     ACCT 1010 - Principles of Accounting I    3 Credits

     ACCT 1020 - Principles of Accounting II   3 Credits

     NSCC 1010 - First Year Experience           1 Credit

     MATH 1630 - Finite Mathematics*   

          OR MATH 1130 - College Algebra*

          OR MATH 1710 - Precalculus I*

          OR guided elective                               3 Credits

     MATH 1830 - Concepts of Calculus*         3 Credits

     INFS 1010 - Computer Applications          3 Credits

     Electives                                                    4 Credits

Area of Emphasis Total - 19 Credits

Total -  61 Credits

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