Articles and Research Related to Education in Prison


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Articles Related to the California Prison Crisis


Petersilia, Joan and Robert Weisberg. “California’s Prison System Can’t Solve Prison Crisis Alone: Sentencing Reform Urgently Needed.” Irvine, CA: Center for Evidence-Based Corrections, 2006.


Petersilia, Joan. “Understanding California Corrections: Summary.” Irvine, CA: Center for Evidence-Based Corrections, 2006.


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New York Times’ “Times Topics”: Prisons and Prisoners


"Prisons In Crisis: A State Of Emergency In California" (radio documentary)


Two Inmates' Views on California's Prison Overcrowding Crisis


Higher Education Programs at Prisons Other Than San Quentin


Bard Prison Initiative (New York)


Bedford Hills College Program (New York; women)


Cornell Prison Education Program (New York)


Education Justice Project (Illinois)


Hudson Link (New York)


Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program (Pennsylvania, Indiana)


Lansing Correctional Facility Program (Kansas)


Prison Studies Project (Massachusetts)


Resource Guides


Crayton, Anna and Nicole Lindahl. “Back to School: A Guide to Continuing Your Education after Prison.” New York: Prisoner Reentry Institute, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 2007.


Prisoner Reentry Institute. “Resource Guides and Services for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals: A Compiled List from the Prisoner Reentry Institute at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. “ PDF available online


Reentry Council of the City and County of San Francisco. “Getting Out & Staying Out: A Guide to San Francisco Resources for People Leaving Jails and Prisons.” PDF available online


Taylor, Jon Marc and Susan Schwartzkopf. Prisoners’ Guerrilla Handbook to Correspondence Programs in the U.S. and Canada. Seattle: Prison Legal News, 2009.


Other Resources


California Correctional Crisis Blog


California Reentry Program




Ella Baker Center for Human Rights


Equal Justice Society


Families Against Mandatory Minimums


Friends Outside


Human Rights Watch


Justice Policy Institute


Legal Services for Prisoners with Children


Open Society Institute


Prison Policy Initiative


Prisoners Literature Project


Prisoner Reentry Institute – John Jay College of Criminal Justice


Reentry Council of the City and County of San Francisco


The College Initiative


The Correctional Association of New York


The Prison Scholar Fund


The Sentencing Project


The Urban Institute


Vera Institute of Justice

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