Young Adult Program

Beginning in 2017, THEI is launching a new initiative specifically targeting young adults, ages 18-24, providing these students with services and programming tailored to their unique developmental needs. Our Young Adult Program (YAP) will include career coaching, mentoring, and workshops on pertinent topics such as financial planning and healthy decision-making. Through THEI, 85 men are currently enrolled in Nashville State Community College at the Turney Center Industrial Complex (TCIX). TCIX is one of two prisons in Tennessee that houses inmates who are in the Young Adult Offender Program (YAOP) through the Tennessee Department of Correction. Beginning this summer, THEI will work with TDOC administration and the YAOP director to enroll a new cohort of 25 young adult students into the college program at TCIX who will comprise the first cohort of THEI's own YAP initiative. 

We have an opportunity to alter the lives of men who are at a developmental stage in which early intervention is possible. Research shows that brain development, particularly in the cortex responsible for decision-making and personality, continues to develop into the early 20s. The opportunity for intervention through higher education, especially through the development of the critical-thinking skills engendered by a liberal arts education, has potential to be a life-changing intervention. 

Students in the Young Adult Program must be housed at TCIX and must meet all standard THEI admissions requirements. 

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