THEI collaborates with the Tennessee Department of Correction, who grants us access to our program sites and students, and supports the daily operation and implementation of the program. 

THEI currently operates at two TDOC facilities in two regions of the state: Turney Center Industrial Complex and Northwest Correctional Complex. 

We collaborate closely with the Tennessee Board of Regents, the governing system over the 13 community colleges in Tennessee. This includes our long-standing relationship with Nashville State Community College, the certificate/degree-bearing institution from where our Turney Center students are enrolled and our faculty are employed as full-time or adjunct. The THEI college program at Turney Center is a SACS-accredited site through NSCC, which awards the 41-Hour General Education Certificate and Associate of Science (AS) degrees in three majors - Business Administration, Psychology and Political Science.

Our most recent collaboration is with another Tennessee Board of Regents college -- Dyersburg State Community College located in the western region of the State of Tennessee.  beginning in January of 2017 with a cohort of 25 students. Our program at Northwest Correctional Complex, which started in January 2017, is a SACS-accredited site through Dyersburg State offering 41-Hour General Education Certificates, as well as Associate of Science degrees in Business Administration.

Program Partners

Nashville State

Community College

Dyersburg State Community College

Tennessee Department

of Correction

Dyersberg State Community College

Tennessee Department of Correction



In November 3-6, 2016 THEI partnered with Belmont University to co-host the 6th Annual National Conference on Higher Education in Prison. Together we welcomed hundreds of stakeholders - i.e. leaders, policy makers, DOC officials, professors, and formerly incarcerated students, to Nashville. Read more about it on our events page

Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University has been a valued collaborator with THEI since our founding. Many of our most veteran professors have hailed from Lipscomb, and in 2013 some of our courses for credit were offered by Lipscomb. When CBCX closed in 2015, Lipscomb admitted many of the THEI students to their LIFE college program at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison.

Vanderbilt University

This year, THEI is the grateful recipient of three volunteer strategists through the Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership graduate fellows program, which pairs leaders from Vanderbilt University's professional schools with local nonprofits. 

Tennessee Prison Outreach


THEI is proud to partner with TPOM to deliver quality reentry services to our students who are returning to community after incarceration. Supporting our students in transition is a critical component of our mission. 

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