Charles Bass Correctional Complex

Dates: January 2012- May 2015 (Prison Closure)

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Institutions of Higher Education: Nashville State Community College, Lipscomb University

The initial pilot site, the college program at Charles Bass Correctional Complex (CBCX) was in its 3rd year of operation when the prison was closed. Due to TDOC budget cuts, CBCX was closed in May 2015. Many of the college students in the program there were transferred to the Turney Center to join the other college program. While in operation the college program at CBCX served 83 incarcerated men who earned college credit leading to an AS degree from Nashville State (primarily) and Lipscomb University. To be admitted to the program, men had to apply and be accepted to NSCC and Lipscomb just as free world students do. They had to complete an application, have a high school diploma or GED, and take the Tennessee college placement (Compass/ACT) exam and score at college level in reading, writing and math. In addition, they had to write a college essay. In order to stay in the program, students had to pay a $20 admin fee per semester, keep a clean disciplinary record, and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. Credits earned from these courses are recognized and transferable to any Tennessee Board of Regents college or university, as well as certain private colleges and universities in the Southeastern region. Based upon a cohort model, 25 men moved through the program together, taking 1-3 courses per semester. There were 3 cohorts at Charles Bass. Many of the men in cohort 3 are now at the Turney Center.

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