Admissions Policies

Students admitted to the THEI program become official college students, and therefore must apply to the college in the same manner as students in the free world do, which includes:

  • Completing the standard college application

  • Earning high school diploma or high school equivalency. THEI will help students obtain official transcripts to be sent to the college

  • Taking the Tennessee college placement exam, which is administered onsite*, and scoring at college level in reading, writing and math


Incarcerated college applicants must take some additional steps and meet certain criteria to be considered for admission to the program, which includes:

  • Writing a college essay from a predetermined writing prompt

  • Having a clean disciplinary record for at least 6 months

While enrolled in the program, THEI students must meet the following expectations: 

  • Agree to pay a $25 student contribution per semester to THEI to help cover the cost of school supplies & textbooks. 

  • Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. 

  • Keep a clean disciplinary record

*At this time, THEI is only able to accept applications from persons who are currently living at a facility where we operate, because we do not offer placement exam testing at other locations. 

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